I have some technical difficulties, whom should I contact?

You should e-mail admin@icuc.uk for any issues you have in using the learning platform. The problem may well not be at your end, it could very well be at ours! We are here to help.

During the day there is a good chance you will get an answer fairly rapidly, in the evening, it might take a little longer.

How do I get the most out of online learning?

This probably depends on only one factor: your capability and willingness to direct your own learning.

Online learning is very flexible and you can learn at your own pace, repeating and skipping as you see appropriate. Ironically, it is this convenience factor that some online learners find difficult to use to their advantage.

Focus on these five points for a more successful learning experience:

  1. Browse through the titles and descriptions of all the modules and topics that constitute the course. This is the road map or 'game plan' for the entire course--get to know it well.
  2. Plan your online study time and stick to it! You will probably be over ambitious to start with and will find that you need to give yourself time to revisit lessons and topics which are either the most important or which you find most challenging. Always remember time management is vital when studying online.
  3. Log onto your course at regular intervals or dedicate a decent amount of time each week.
  4. Ask questions of your instructors. They are always happy to help you and resolve all your doubts and queries.
  5. Connect with fellow students. Connecting with online classmates and building a learning community is easier than you might think. It can be a boon when you work on projects and assignments.

Can anyone provide me with additional support on the content of my course?

For any question relating to the content of a course we will reply to you in a timely fashion. Whilst mentor backup is not provided in the cost of a course, we will do our best to link you to a subject expert who can then work with you.

How long do I have to complete my course?

Courses are for the use of one person and are typically available for one year. However, if we identify that there is heavy usage on one access indicating multiple users then we reserve the right to terminate that access to a course.

What are "Earned Course Points"?

Each time you log on, complete an assessment, achieve 100% on an assessment or complete a course you gain points.

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