Elearning in the workplace: Common misconceptions debunked

Your organisation is always exploring new projects to better meet the needs of its members. Often, that requires your team members to learn new skills. When your team participates in educational programs, they become more capable of developing new ideas, solving problems, and helping your organisation expand.

Elearning or learning management systems are efficient and effective methods of creating education and training programs for your organisation’s employees or team members. In a rapidly changing professional landscape, having a successful method for training team members is crucial.

But because online learning or elearning is relatively new compared with the traditional classroom setting, organisations are apprehensive about how elearning systems stack up against conventional learning methods.

If your organisation is thinking about incorporating an elearning system into your educational program, it’s important to understand the capabilities and features of these systems so that you can use yours most effectively. Let’s debunk some of the most common misconceptions about elearning, such as:

  • Elearning won’t engage my team
  • Elearning can’t provide a personalised learning experience
  • I won’t be able to assess my employees’ progress accurately
  • An elearning system won’t be able to grow with my organisation

When you choose the right elearning system for your organisation and use it effectively, your team will benefit from the new skills they gain.

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