IGCSE Physics 2 Electricity

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Course Description

This course covers mains electricity, energy and potential difference in circuits, and electric charge.

Mains electricity covers hazards of electricity, insulation, fuses and circuit breakers, electrical transfer of energy and an increase in temperature, power, energy transferred, alternating current and direct current.

Energy and potential difference in circuits covers series and parallel circuits, wires, resistors, metal filament lamps and diodes, resistance and current in a circuit, ldrs and thermistors, lamps and leds, voltage = current x resistance, charge = current x time, electric current and electrons, and energy transferred per unit charge passed.

Electric charge covers common materials which are electrical conductors or insulators, charging by friction, forces between charges, movement of electrons, potential dangers of electrostatic charges, and uses of electrostatic charges.

The first three modules each have an assessment topic which you can use to check your understanding of the module’s content. You need to achieve the pass mark in each of these in order to attempt the final assessment. You can, however, try each of these assessments as many times as you wish.

(NOTE: Whilst this course is based on the Edexcel IGCSE syllabus, the bulk of its content is applicable to other IGCSE and GCSE curricula. It is a useful course for anyone who needs some additional input, delivered in a different way and with some questions to try!)