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Sales Course Description

dys14The skills and techniques taught in this course cover every aspect of the sales process. This is the most comprehensive sales training and motivational program ever produced. It’s just like having Bruce King as your own personal sales training and motivational coach as you listen to his instructions and explanations whilst working your way through the actions.

But what is even better, it’s now broken down into BITE-SIZED pieces so that you can not only do as little or as much as you want at any time but also CHEW-OVER these bite-sized pieces as often as you like to make sure you get it!


The material presented in this program is the same material Bruce King presents at his two-day ‘How To Double Your Sales Fast & Become World-Class’ Boot Camp which would require you to invest two days of your time and a four figure sum to attend.

It was Albert Einstein who is credited with saying ‘The definition of insanity is to carry on doing things the way you have always done them and expect to get different results’. So if you carry on selling the way you have always sold before, the best you can expect are the same results – but more likely worse results in the current economic climate.

If you really want to Double Your Sales, you need to learn new selling skills and maybe even have a refresher on some of the fundamentals too. Work with Bruce through these modules which you can access as many times as you wish…