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Job Security – Excelling in your Current Job
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Protecting your job from robots sounds easy now compared to dealing with today’s issues in health and economic security.

Job security has become a matter of increasing concern.

On a happier note, the poll also found that openings for online jobs are increasing.

There is much uncertainty about the future, but you can make yourself more resilient. In this course we highlight a number of key ways in which you can help yourself to hold onto your current position and even look to promotion.

This course will also help you to be more confident in dealing with your boss. It will enable you to have a better understanding of your boss’s style and the steps you can take to create a better working relationship. You will better understand the pressures and priorities your boss is facing and how to support him/her in dealing with them. You will also get to look at yourself and how you can make best use of your own behavioural strengths and weaknesses.